Frequently Asked Questions

What are Travel Stamps?

Travel Stamps are beautifully illustrated collectible vinyl decals depicting iconic features at premier travel destinations across the country. 

How do you collect Travel Stamps?

You can collect Travel Stamps any way you choose. But for the full Travel Stamps experience, we recommend our Album & Guides. These attractive and informative books are trip-planning guides that turn into cherished keepsakes as you fill them with Travel Stamps from each destination. Get out there and “See Them All.”

What Album & Guide titles are currently available?

Travel Stamps: U.S. National Park Series Album & Guide, 1st Edition – Published January 2017

Travel Stamps: United States Series Album & Guide, 1st Edition – Published April 2018

What editorial content do the books contain?

U.S. National Park Series Album & Guide:

The national parks appear in five geographic regions: East, Mountain, Southwest, West and Pacific. Our text briefly describes each park, wildlife you might encounter, an interesting fast fact, the park’s size, the year it was established and a sampling of great things to do at each destination. A handy checklist serves as a scorecard for the parks you have visited and those you have yet to explore. Informative maps and a listing of park websites make trip planning easy and fun

United States Series Album & Guide:

The 50 states and Washington, DC appear in four geographic regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and West. A bonus section includes the five permanently inhabited U.S. territories. Our text briefly describes each state’s geography, nickname, capital city, size, the year it joined the Union, a few great things to do when you’re there and some food and drink favorites. A handy checklist serves as a scorecard for the states you have visited and those to come. Informative maps along with 17 unique road trip suggestions and a listing of state tourism websites will help you plan your next travel adventures.

Where do I purchase my book?

You can purchase our Album & Guides at participating travel-related retailers located across the country or online at  

Can I take my book with me on my travels?

Absolutely! These beautiful books are built tough, so you can take them along on your travels. Spiral bound in hardcover and printed on top-quality stock, our Album & Guides are perfectly sized to accompany you on your adventures across the United States. Alternatively, they can easily be displayed at home, used to plan your upcoming trips, and await your latest stamp additions upon your return.

Are Travel Stamps products available in all 50 states and 60 National Parks?

Not yet, but we're working on it. Each stamp page on our website details the retail availability of that particular Travel Stamp. We released the U.S. National  Park  Series  Album  &  Guide  and its accompanying Travel Stamps  in January 2017. Each national park independently reviews and approves all new products submitted for sale in its stores. This approval process is different at each location and requires different lengths of time. If you cannot find our Travel Stamp in a national park visitor center store, please politely request that Travel Stamps be stocked in their facility. We released the United States Series Album & Guide in April 2018 and are working diligently to create a national network of Travel Stamps retailers. But be assured that all national park and state Travel Stamps are always available on our website at  

What happens if new parks join the National Park System in the future?

Our U.S. National  Park  Series  Album  &  Guide  was produced with future expansion in mind. Extra spaces for each region are included in the checklist pages and the stamp pages. Please check back to our website often or subscribe to our free newsletter to be notified of any new national park designations. All new national parks will be included in future editions of our Album & Guide once existing stock is depleted.

I have the 1st Edition of the U.S. National Park Series Album & Guide. Where should I place the new Gateway Arch National Park stamp?

The Gateway Arch National Park Travel Stamp should be added to the East Region of your book (checklist on page 10, stamp on page 17). A special informative text sticker for America’s newest national park will be available for placement under the Gateway Arch stamp on page 17. The sticker can be purchased for $0.50 on our website at (Both the stamp and informative text sticker will be available May 1, 2018)

What are the "I Saw Them All" stamps?

Our “I Saw Them All” stamps are regional and national achievement stamps you can collect when you reach important milestones along your Travel Stamps Adventures. They are unique mementos that help you celebrate your travel achievements, and they can be placed in the back section of your Album & Guides. These special stamps are available exclusively on our website for $1.00 each. As a bonus, the national “I Saw Them All” stamp includes a free vinyl bumper sticker for placement on your car, RV, or anywhere you choose to help you celebrate and show off your impressive achievement.

Are more Travel Stamps books and stamps planned for the future?

Yes. We plan to develop many more exciting Travel Stamps products. Stay tuned!